Hotwin  team has been focusing on the electronics manufacturing industry, after ten years of development, we accumulated rich product research and development, the optimization and upgrading of technology experience, has extensive business contacts at the same time, in such aspects as product sales and maintenance has obvious advantages.

Many kinds of products

Over the years, we sell almost covers electronic manufacturer need all of the products, such as: SMT machine, printing machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering and equipment accessories, all kinds of SMT consumables and SMT peripheral equipment and accessories.

Price advantage

Among our peers in the industry, we have a distinct advantage in price. In China, we supply some smt-related products.

By the majority of customers favor

Our customers all over the country, they distributed in north China, east China, south China and the western region, over the years we have always maintained a business contact with customers, regular supply for the customer, for customers to solve the technical difficulties.