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Automatic laser engraving machin -Sonic LM-450


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Product Description

SONIC LM-450 fully automatic laser engraving machine is a professional device for laser engraving one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, text, symbol or graphics on the surface of PCB. It is composed of laser engraving system, XY precision motion, MARK+CCD precise positioning system, automatic regulating system of transmission track, and online reading system. Suitable for marking on the surface of PCB, FPC, semiconductor chip and other objects in SMT production.




  1. 1.Fully automatic engraving device, PC+sonic software control, Windows 7     operating system.
  2. 2.CO2/FAYB laser engraving system can be configured, and it can be precisely   positioned with XY and CCD+MARK. Engraving position accuracy within 0.02mm.
  3. 3.Chinese characters, English, Numbers, graphics, serial number, LOGO, barcode,   two-dimensional code and other contents can be printed.
    1.  built-in flip board system, which can be used for double-sided printing.
  4. 4.Upper and lower double laser system can be selected for high configuration
  5. 5.Access to shopflow and IMS systems.
  6. 6.Support Geber; Import documents such as DXF.
  7. 7.Support the printing of various types of material surfaces such as PCB, FPC,   metal shield cover, etc.
  8. 8.Features of high quality, high yield, high stability and no production consumables.