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Electric cleaning machine- SC4000


CATEGORY: Accessory Equipment for cleaning

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Product Description


SC4000 is the electric cleaning machine for solder paste stencil, red glue stencil and misprinted PCB. Cleaning (by spraying hot aqueous agent), rinsing (by spraying hot DI water), drying (by blowing hot air) functions are integrated in stainless housing at compact size. It not only have excellent cleaning quality and efficiency, but also it is user and environment friendly.

 No  Item Specification
 1 Stencil size 750mm(L) ×750mm(W) × 40mm(H) or smaller
 2 Cleaning agent aqueous agent for cleaning, DI or tap water for rinsing
 3 Capacity of tank 50L max. X 2 pcs (for cleaning and rinsing respectively)
 4 Way of cleaning 4 fixed spraying bars, stencil moves forwards and     backwards by motor
 5 Way of rinsing Share 4 fixed spraying bards, spray DI water, stencil moves forwards and backwards by motors
 6 Way of drying 4 hot air blades, blowing hot air
 7 Recommended cleaning time 2~5 minutes
 8 Time between cleaning and rinsing 1 minute
 9 Recommended rinsing time 2~5 minutes


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