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KIC Start2 Temperature tester-K2


CATEGORY: Tools and consumables for reflow profile test

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Product Description



1. Hardware: KIC start2 manual testing instrument

2. Standard configuration:
A. Intelligent manual temperature optimization
B. Lead-free synthetic metal insulation sleeve Software encryption dog
Standard USB2.0 download port
3.Software function:
Brand-new KIC start2 software platform
Standard curve combination function; automatic comparison technology is employed to avoid omission and error resulting from artificial comparison;
Optimization of standard process curve; capable of setting temperature forecast manually;
4. Mode of process curve optimization: (Actual test is unnecessary.)
A. Change temperature setting manually; forecast the changing result of technological parameters;
B. Change the chain speed manually and forecast the changing result of technological parameters;



Product Name: Furnace Temperature Tester

Product Moedl: KIC StartⅡ

The economical KIC start2 has been launched in the market on a full scale. Time of launching: early 2013 Based on instrument of the previous generation, the hardware and software technology of the second generation has seen more upgrading, such as smaller size, USB port transmission, and KIC start2 software key. Advantages of hardware and software: light weight, low price and convenient use; KIC’s newly launched KIC start2 does not try to becoming a universal temperature measurer. But this product is made through meticulous efforts, which bring about continuous extraordinary functions. This type of product has six channels. The light and cost effective temperature measurer replies on KIC’s unique picture-based use interface which shows powerful functions. KIC start2 is especially fit for users who require to obtain temperature curve data rapidly and accurately and do not need extra optimal settings. KICstart2 which shows high performance and low cost is a type of temperature measurement product suitable for any budget. What the numerous temperature measurement products in the market face is not if enough data are collected, but how to help users to read the large quantity of collected data. KICStart2 has employed KIC’s unique concept on process window index (PWI) which evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of each temperature curve by means of a single number.