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SPI&AOI Buffer-HTC31T100M


CATEGORY: Assembly equipment

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Product Description
  1. 1.User friendly
  2. 2.Quality assured:
    1.     2.1.Acquire components from first-class suppliers
    2.     2.2.Making under strictly-supervised manufacturing process
    3.     2.3.Test before shipping
  3. 3.Quick, smooth and steady PCB transfer
  4. 4.Antistatic surface treatment
  5. 5.Small machine footprint


No Description Statement &Specification
1 Function Used as buffer after SPI and AOI inspection
2 Working mode Buffer OK boards &Reject NG board for visual inspection; bypass
3 PCB thickness Min. 0.8mm
4 PCB Weight Max. 1kg, including PCB and carrier jig if used
5 Vertical Pitch 20mm or customize per request
6 Structure (single lane) Part1 (lower: PCB incoming conveyor, upper: NG board inspection conveyor) + part 2 (buffer cage, servo motor driven vertically)
7 Structure (dual lane) Part1 (lower: fixed buffer cage, upper: incoming conveyor) + part 2 (single lane conveyor, servo motor drive vertically
8 Width adjustment Manual or auto
9 Belt 3mm width, antistatic flat belt