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Panasonic Nozzle 230C -N610040784AA

MODEL: N610040784AA


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Product Description

CM402 nozzle rod (standard) N510015533AA

CM202 nozzle rod BALL SPLINE

CM202 nozzle rod KXF0E41TA00 / 010DC181281

CM202 Shaft 010DC081280

CM301 nozzle rod 011DC081110

CM402 nozzle rod BALL SPLINE

CM402 nozzle rod (standard) N510015533AA/KXF0DOPAA00 / KXF0DUPAA02/N510005433AA

CM402 nozzle rod (lightweight) N510002505AA/N510054810AA

KXF0CWRAA01 Head 8 Ball Spline/N210007491AA

CM602 nozzle rod BALL SPLINE

CM602 nozzle rod N510054811AA/N510024102AA / N510028739AA (12 head)

DT401 nozzle rod BALL SPLINE

DT401 nozzle rod (standard type) KXF0DTQAA01, KXF0DTQAA00

DT401 nozzle rod (lightweight) N510037999AA, N510015534AA, N510005273AA, KXF0DYEYA00

NPM nozzle rod BALL SPLINE

NPM nozzle rod N510058687AA/N510040355AA

NPM Nozzle Shaft Head-12 N510051262AA

N510056230AA NPM Head 16 Shaft

N510064218AA NPM Head 16 Shaft

N510064335AA NPM Head 16 Shaft


N510012403AA Shaft

N510015781AA Ball Screw

KXFB0468A00 Shaft

Nozzle 199

N610064717AA 185 Nozzle

KXFX05V2A00/N610015533AA Nozzle 206A

N610043815AA Nozzle 235CS

Nozzle 206AS 206S N610030510AC N610030510AD

KXFX0385A00nozzle 130 KXFW1BFAA00/KXFX03DKA00/KXFX03K0130

KXFX05BVA00 Nozzle 2405

KXFX04S2A00 Special nozzle 1157#

N610017375AC nozzle 130S N610017375AD

203ZS N610038265AA

Nozzle 204S

KXFX0386A00 nozzle 140

N610040784AA nozzle 230C

N610017370AC nozzle 205S & 205AS

KXFX037SA00 nozzle 1001

KXFX037VA00 nozzle 1004

KXFX037TA00 nozzle 1003 KXFX03DUA00

KXFX037TA00 nozzle 1002 KXFX03DUA00

Nozzle 256CS

N610058431AA nozzle 161S

KXFX03DPA01 nozzle 450 KXFX0387A00

N610054394AA nozzle 450S

KXFX03NGA00nozzle 460

N610004673AA nozzle 161

N610058431AA nozzle 161S

N610038265AA Nozzle 203ZS

N610132733AA Nozzle 255CSN

Nozzle Type 162N610004674AA

Nozzle Type 2485 N610013659AA