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Peel strength tester-PFT-500


CATEGORY: Accessory Equipment for inspection

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Product Description

1. The design meets the requirements of stripping strength test in ANSI/EIA- 481-d standard.

2. Manual control or PC control can be adopted.

3. Adopt Japanese original (1kg) tensile force test head, and the test value is accurate.

4. The test value is transmitted by RS232 digital signal to ensure no error in data conversion.

5. The software is operated by WINDOWS interface, which is simple, convenient and professional in format. The test results cannot be modified, which is very credible.

6. It can set the delay of reading the sample data, display the test results in real time, set the upper limit and lower limit of pulling force, and automatically judge the test results to be printed. The data can be stored and a historical database can be established.

7. Peel speed adopts LCD display.

8. We can do professional development according to customers’ requirements and negotiate the price separately.

9. The computer is connected with the tension gauge in a straight line, and the tension data is recorded at any time, and the data is presented on the screen in the form of curve in due time. The test is completed. The maximum value, minimum value, tension range, average value, root-mean-square value, standard deviation, variation, etc. of tension are automatically given to facilitate data statistics.