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Press-fit Pin &Rivet Insertion Machine-HT-PFPR6S


CATEGORY: Assembly equipment

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Product Description

1.Applicable components:Press-fit pin components in tape &reel packageRivet components (Ø1.3~4.0mm)

2.Insertion head:1 head for press-fit pin components.  2 heads for rivet (eyelet) components

3.About 200 pcs/min (theoretical) for press-fit pin components.About 0.4s/rive

4.Press-fit pin insertion accuracy:±0.018mm repeating accuracy for X/Y

5.Press-ft pin insertion direction:0, 90, 180, 270degrees or multiple angle

6.PCB loading time :4 seconds

7.PCB size:Max. 500(L)*350(W)mm

8.PCB flow:Left to right, or right to left (decide before PO)

9.PCB transfer clearance:Component height, Max. 27mm (top side), Max. 17mm (bot side)

10.Worktable movement range:X680mm, Y370mm (multi-direction), X580mm, Y370mm (bilateral)

11.Hole positioning:HD industrial CCD system

12.PC &Monitor:Intel i3 CPU Windows 7 O/S, 7’’ LCD

13.Operation environment :5~40℃, 10~90%RH (no crystal water beads in the air)

14.Air supply:6±0.5kg/cm2

15.Power supply :Single phase, 220VAC, about 3KW

16.Machine size :2250(L)X1300(W)X1600(H)mm

17.weight:About 1450kg