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Semiautomatic Screen Printer- SP Series

MODEL: SP Series

CATEGORY: Assembly equipment

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FAX: +86 755-2346 2890


Product Description

◇ Easy positioning with SMC cylinder system;
◇ Using precision guide rail and the DELTE motor to drive the blade seat conversion,printing, and high accuracy;
◇ Printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees to fixed up, easy printing stencil replacement and squeegee cleaning;
◇blade seat can be adjusted front and rear, to choose the best printing position;
◇ Combined with a fixed groove printing platen and PIN, easy installation and
adjustment, for single, double sided printing;
◇ Correction the printer accuracy way to move the stencil, combined with printed
(PCB), X, Y, Z. Convenient fine adjustment;
◇ Using PLC and touch screen system,easy to operate and convenience man-machine interaction;
◇ Can be set one-way, two-way or more printing methods;
◇ With the automatic counting function easy to manage production information;
◇Adjustable squeegee’s angle, steel scraper, rubber scraper are applicable;
◇ Touch screen with screen saver to protect the touch screen life, the wake-up time can adjustable;
◇ Printing speed display, can be adjusted.