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Squeegee &PCB cleaning machine-SQ10


CATEGORY: Accessory Equipment for cleaning

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Product Description


SQ10 is a fully pneumatic control and driving machine, used to clean squeegees of solder paste printer, misprinted PCB, fixtures and etc.

SQ10 is very powerful on removing the solder paste, flux, dust, oil residue or contamination on the products – cleaning by praying agents and then drying by air-blowing. It is a very useful and helpful tool for production people to perform regular cleaning.



1.Mainly designed and used to clean squeegees and misprinted PCB, low volume of fixtures and etc.

2.User friendly and easy to operate;

3.Flexible to operate with solvent-based or aqueous-based cleaning agents;

4.Pure pneumatic control and driving, eliminating safety risk from flammable liquids;

5.Equipped with 2 rotatory bars, spraying to clean and then air blowing from top and bottom;

6.Compact design and SUS304 stainless steel structure which is robust and anti-corrosive to chemical;

6.1 Optimal nozzle distribution enables shadow-free spraying;

6.2 Mirror-surface wall enables quick liquid backflow from chamber to tank.

 7.High end pump and high capacity filter enable roaring liquid flow.