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Cleanroom Nitrile Glove CNG-197


CATEGORY: Cleanroom and antistatic products

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Product Description

Cleanroom gloves:

ESD (electrostatic discharge) damages the electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device.?An electrostatically charged surface can also attract and hold onto contaminants. The glove should have a surface resistance of more than 1 x 105 but less than 1 x 1011 ohms/sq for electronics industry.


Product Types :

Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves, Low Dermatitis Potential (Long Cuff) and anti-static– Class 100


Main features and benefits:

Nitrile material (Non-Latex) designed with Low Derma film technology

Powder Free


Finger Textured


Long cuff design (12”) for better coverage

Average Particle controlled at 400cm? (Class 100) / 1000cm? (Class 1000)

low dermatitis technology

Special features include sulphur-free formulation, low particle, residue hydrocarbon free, better grip, silicone free, low ionic content and low chloride .

A suitable choice to minimize the likelihood in contracting both Type 1 and Type IV allergies, especially on sensitized users


Glove thickness specification:

finger: 0.08mm min.

Palm: 0.06mm