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Fixture Cleaning Machine(ST10 PLUS)


CATEGORY: Accessory Equipment for cleaning

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Product Description



Genbox Cleaning Machine (ST10 PLUS)

ST10 PLUS is customized based on ST10 to clean big size flux condensers, e.g. especially for Genbox of HELLER 1809MK3 reflow oven. It integrates cleaning , rinsing and drying function.Aqueous solutions and tape water are cyclically used with filter for cleaning and rinsing respectively.



Benefit of cleaning with ST10 PLUS

  Manual Cleaning  ST10 PLUS
Difficult to remove flux in corne Very clean, no any manual cleaning is required
Make metal surface get scratched and rubber get damaged when brush and tools are used. No scratch to metal part and no damaged sealing rubber
High working load and low efficiency High efficiency, easy to operate and minimize maintenance working load
Consume high volume of liquid Cleaning and rinsing agent are used in cyclic mode with filtering system


Cleaning effect


Before cleaning                                                  After cleaning