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Low Humidity Baking Oven -TADHE-650

MODEL: T430,T850

CATEGORY: Accessory Equipment for material handling

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Product Description

1. Fastest dehumidifying performance with embedded CDA Deep Dehumidifying Control Unit, which enable fast drying when start working and recovery after door get open and closed;

2.Special designed for MSD floor life resetting according to IPC MSD handling requirement;

3.High accuracy &uniformity on temperature and humidity control;

4.Capable to sustain less than 5% RH in wide temperature range (35~125oC);

5.Hardware and software protection & alarm;

6.Antistatic protection and grounding;

7.CBI NGU Modular available, designed for anti-oxidation baking process;

8.MSD (moisture sensitive device), if floor life expires, should be baked at either 125oC or below 90oC &5%RH according to IPC /JEDEC-S-033.

9.Used for anti-oxidation baking process, N2 purging system will automatically start when temperature is greater 150oC, which is optional.


 No.  Description  Specification
 1  Temperature range  +35oC to +250oC
 2  Relative Humidity  Room RH to less than 5% RH (when Temp<125oC)
 3  Capacity  800(W)*800(W)*1000(H)mm, less than 650L
 4  Fast dehumidifier  CBI differential pressure type of macromolecule filter module
 5  Dehumidifying rate  15~20 minutes (from 60% to less than 5% RH)
 6  Recovery rate  5~15 minutes  to recover 5%RH after door gets open and closed
 7  Temp. &RH fluctuation  ≤ ±1oC, ≤2% RH
 8  Temp. &RH uniformity  ≤ ±2.5% for temperature, ≤3%~5%RH
 9  RH sensor  150oC compatible humidity sensor

(Remove the sensor when baking temperature is greater  150oC)