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Router Machine with Milling Cutter-RM 285


CATEGORY: Assembly equipment

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Product Description

  1.Introduction and features
  2.Machine specification
  3.Main components
  4.Electrical design introduction
  5.Mechanical design introduction
  6. Output calculation


2. Introduction and features
 1.RM285 is a model of offline automatic router machine with milling cutter.
 2.Milling head and camera are located on Z axis. They move across the working area, driven by X/Y gantry, controlled by dedicated application software. The PCB is located in work table and doesn’tmove during cutting process.
 3. The milling cutter cuts the panel according to pre-set routine in program. It can cut in multiple patterns, including straight line, arc and circle.
 4.One operator should be available to load PCB panel and unload finished sub-boards during production.
 5. The camera can read 1D or 2D barcode for traceability.