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SMT Smart Shelf, Agilink-385,Agilink-580,Agilink-1440

MODEL: Agilink-385,Agilink-580,Agilink-1440

CATEGORY: Accessory Equipment for material handling

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Product Description

SMT Smart Shelf  basic function

1.Store reels: use handheld device to scan reel, place it into any slot, where sensor can detect reel presence

2.Pick reels: place request by scanning bar codes (e.g. part number), import BOM list or select reels one by one in application software, led will be lit to indicate the location

3.Improper pick: alarm when one reel is taken away improperly.

4.Improper store: alarm when one reel is stored without scanning

5.Inventory status: reels, slots, incoming time information are displayed and can be downloaded as well

6.Power off memory

7.FIFO, partially-consumed material first out

8.Customization according to customer requirement, e.g. for MSD, alternative parts, expiry rules, banned rules,



 No. Description Standard  model Extended model High volume Model
 1  Typical Model  Agilink-385  Agilink-580  Agilink-1440
 2 Size (L*W*H, mm)  1680*330*1600  2730*330*1600  2200*450*1830
 3  Layer  5  5  7
 4  Capacity 385 slots (20mm pitch, for 7’’ reels) 520 slots (20mm pitch, for 7’’ reels)

52 slots (40mm pitch)

8 slots (60mm pitch)

1440 slots (20mm pitch, for 7’’ reels), or customize
 5  Side Single Single Back to back
 6  Power 20W/220VAC 33W/220VAC 60W/220VAC
 7  High  precision Slot sensor  Yes  Yes  Yes
 8  Material  Aluminum alloy
 9  Network  WLAN or Ethernet
 10  Compatibility  Support connecting to MES and ERP system
 11  accessory  High speed scanner