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SMT automatic counting Splice Machine-AC530


CATEGORY: Tools and consumables for SMD reel splicing

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Product Description

          Special for quick feeding of SMT automatic production line without stop. The odds are high. Bar code reading, automatic detection of empty material belt position, accurate cutting, automatic butt, tape package connection.



  1. 1.Scope of applicable material: 8mm width and 0.25-1.0mm thickness of paper tape


  1. 2.Number of empty materials after connection: 1-3pcs


  1. 3.Machine cycle (C/T) : 8S (excluding the time of manual loading and unloading)


  1. 4.External dimension: length 550mm* width 440mm* height 1100mm


  1. 5.Battery power supply duration: 8-12 hours


  1. 6.Working height: about 850mm


  1. 7.Ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees


  1. 8.Equipment weight: 55KG