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Sonic N-series Hot Air Reflow Oven – N10


CATEGORY: Assembly equipment

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Product Description

Simple Interface And Information Center


sonic reflow utilized a pemtium computer with windows Software,keyboard and vga color monitor.our new,easy-to Learn,user-friendly process control program displays all Operating conditions just is like a information center.


Lowest power consumption

Hight thermal efficiency make the power consumption is lower 15%-20% than the other brands reflow.

 Highest Repeatability And lowest,meet The Lead-free Process.


  1. Auto Chain-rail Lubrication System

Our advanced automatic chain-rail lubrication system eliminates the mess and maintenance associ-ated with keeping the lubricant supply. Also,lubrication cycle can be programmable by the operator.


  1. Sonic’s cooling system is lower maintenance.sonic’s heat exchanger and air cooling filter are divided design,bothcan be discharged directly from the machine,sonic is able to achieve the maintenance based on nonstop-production.
  2. Flux Flow Control

Sonic’s flus flow flow control can so lve the messy filter and touth cleaning Problems based on effcive fulx removal system and quick cleaning,then reducing the system maintenance and cleaning.


  1. New-desinged Conveyor System

Roller-desinged chin lower down the friction between rail and chain,also Lower the tensile force which is press on the rail then to prevent the rail become wrapped and deformed.


  1. Patented3-phases Electric Current Balanced Heater

Sonic’s 3-phases electric current balance ed heaters offer low currentshock,and offer high thermal compensation.