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Stencil Wiper Roll for MPM printer-MPM45540011A1

MODEL: MPM45540011A1

CATEGORY: Typical Consumables

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Product Description



 Plastic pivot diameter: OD: 23.2mm ID1: 21mm   ID2: 19.8mm
 Overall size:
 Paper length: 11±0.5m


1.Paper material: Wood pulp non-woven fabric in white

2.Paper weight: 60g/m2

3.Cosmetic inspection

3.1 Clean

3.2 No lint and foreign material

3.3 Heat-shrink film has no damage

4.Function test

4.1 Liquid absorption: >400% paper volume

4.2 Liquid absorption speed: <1 sec for spreading 5cm distance

5. Compliance to ROHS

6. Roll weight: 291.2g

7. Package:

7.1 50 rolls/Box,  about 15.5kg/box

7.2 Box size: L560*W470*H320mm