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MODEL: UF3210,UF3209,UF3505

CATEGORY: Spare parts

TEL: +86 755-2919 8013

FAX: +86 755-2346 2890

E-MAIL: sales@hotwintech.com

Product Description
Product Description Color CTE1/CTE2 Curing Condition Viscosity (MPa.S)
UF3210 Room temperature flow capability Black 68/197 10mins@130℃ 420
Easily reworkable
Good thermal shock & drop performance
High reliability
UF3211 Room temperature flow capability Black 56/170 ≥8mins@130℃ 400
Good drop test and 85/85 performance.
High reliability
UF3211M High Tg Black 52/177 ’10mins@130℃ 430
Room temperature flow capability
Excellent reliability
UF3209 High Tg Black 47/154 8 mins @ 150ºC 575
Excellent thermal cycle performance
Good adhesion to metal and plastic
UF3505 Excellent reliability Black 23/105 5mins@150℃ 8000
High Tg,Low CTE