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Wave Soldering Machine -HT450


CATEGORY: Assembly equipment

TEL: +86 755-2919 8013

FAX: +86 755-2346 2890

E-MAIL: sales@hotwintech.com

Product Description

• Lead-free design;
• Efficient, energy-saving, environment-friendly, safe for operation;
• Automatic power system, frequency converter control, automatic board input system;
• Flux sprays system using scanning spray nozzle, Japanese nozzles and rod-less pneumatic cylinders and PLC control, accurate and reliable;
• Preheating system with four independent temperature controllers ensures the excellent heat preservation, temperature uniformity (less than ±2ºC temp. difference);
• Chain claws is made of special alloy, solder wetting proofing;
• Automatic claw cleaning function ensure the cleanliness of claws;
• Machine furnace, with environmental protection and safe design, is easy for user to clean;
• Tin stove is equipped with imported high-frequency-conversion motor with independent control;
• Fault security alarm system ensure the stable performance and operators’ safety;
• With black box memory function, the machine can always store the production management records;
• Nitrogen Structure(optional): High accuracy oxygen analyzer, N 2 consumption16m 3 /hour when O 2 is in range of 500~1000ppm.